OLTON Travel Ltd. has a vast experience in organizing and running various tailor-made tours for schools, colleges and universities, including Russian studies programs, Russian language programs, and concert tours for student choirs.

Our educational and Russian cultural studies programs are designed in accord with the university curriculum and adjusted to academic and institutional interests of the faculty member in charge of the program. The students not only get an in-depth knowledge of Russian historical and cultural heritage, but they also have an opportunity to meet Russian people face to face and get first-hand information about the contemporary life in Russia.

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Our concert tours for student choirs and orchestras have been a tremendous success since 2003, when our company was founded. We work with a wide variety of concert venues, from churches and community centers to professional world-famous concert halls. We also organize joint concerts with local choirs and orchestras, workshops with local conductors, visits to music schools and colleges; all of the above are always very popular with our clients.

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Create your own tour!

If you are a seasoned traveler, we will tailor your own program according to your preferences.


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