Smolny Cathedral

The best of St. Petersburg in 2 days

Best of St.Petersburg in 2 days tour is designed for cruise and ferry passengers and other short-time visitors to St.Petersburg. You will see the famous landmarks; visit Peter and Paul Fortress; the Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace; Catherine’s Palace and the Amber Room; Peterhof, the park with fountains.


In the morning you will St.Petersburg guided sightseeing tour during which you will see the best of the city: Nevsky Prospect, the main street, the Square of Fine Arts and the Church on the Spilt Blood, Vasiliy Island with Rostral Columns and the former Stock Exchange. You will also go to Peter and Paul Fortress, the birthplace of the city, and visit St.Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, the burial place of the Romanovs dynasty from Peter the Great to Nicholas II. After an independent lunch in a local café you will have the guided tour of the Hermitage Museum highlights: the incomparable State Rooms of the Winter Palace and the best of Italian, Dutch and French art collections. Duration  c.a.7 hours


You will spend this day in the suburbs of St.Petersburg visiting the two major summer residences of the Russian Tsars. In the morning you will go to Tsarskoe Selo and have a guided tour of Catherine’s Palace, where you will see the stunning Gold Suite of rooms and the incomparable Amber Room, the eighth wonder of the world. After an independent coffee break in a local café you will visit Peterhof, Russian Versailles, where you will have the guided tour of the breathtaking Lower Park with 150 fountains, including the Great Cascade, the largest fountain ensemble in the world. Duration  c.a.7 hours

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