Concert tours to Russia

OLTON Ltd. is a leading agency in organizing concert tours to Russia for non-professional performing groups: college, school, university, church, community choirs, bands and orchestras. One of the most popular destinations for performing groups is St.Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, world famous for its time-honored musical traditions and splendid concert venues.

We have well-established relations with such concert venues in St.Petersburg as the Great Hall of St.Petersburg Philharmonic Society named after D.Shostakovich, Capella Concert Hall, Glazunov Concert Hall of St.Petersburg State Conservatoire, as well as with concert halls of palaces of the 18th-19th centuries, churches and concert halls of local community centres.

We also organize joint concerts with local choirs and orchestras, workshops with local conductors, visits to music schools and colleges; all of the above are always very popular with our clients.

Though St.Petersburg is certainly the top destination for performing groups, we can also arrange concerts in Novgorod the Great, Moscow and even in Siberian cities.
Whatever destination you choose for your concert tour in Russia, we’ll get you there! Not only that we will find a perfect venue for you, but we will fill it with the most receptive audience, so that the concert will be mutually rewarding.

CONCERT TOUR TO ST.PETERSBURG is designed for all non-professional performing groups who would like to perform in St.Petersburg, home to Russian classical music … details

CONCERT TOUR TO ST.PETERSBURG AND NOVGOROD THE GREAT will allow you to perform not only in St.Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, but also in the oldest Russian city Novgorod the Great … details

JOINT CONCERT TOUR TO ST.PETERSBURG AND MOSCOW will give you a unique opportunity to meet and perform with two local choirs as well see the highlights of Moscow, the political capital of Russia, and St.Petersburg, the cultural capital … details

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